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Sectigo Certificate Management (SCM)


With the proliferation of systems to secure and, mechanically, the number of certificates to manage, the great diversity of management interfaces sometimes used within the same company or the complexification of internal networks, human management of your fleet of certificates becomes not only costly, but also a source of error.

A platform to ease certificates management

Sectigo, one of the world leaders in the certification market, has anticipated the necessary market developments and put all its expertise into developing a certificate management platform to manage all of your tools (PKI, digital identities, load balancers, email security, etc.) through the same interface.

Product of a long experience and an incomparable expertise, the platform allows not only to automate a large number of technical manipulations but also to discover all the server certificates scattered within the organization.

The SCM platform in details

Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is a universal platform purpose-built to issue and manage the lifecycles of digital certificates to secure every human and machine identity across your enterprise, all from a single interface.

With SCM, you can automate the issuance and management of Sectigo certificates, alongside those from other publicly trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs), and private CAs, including Microsoft ADCS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and AWS Cloud Services.

SCM relies on different technologies to offer a large number of deployment options to customers who can easily integrate the platform into their own environment. SCM integrations include:

Advantages of the plateform

PKI management

SCM offers several options:

The certificates taken into account

SCM manages a large number of certificates, from all authorities and for all kinds of needs:


SCM offers several functions :

Public PKI Venafi
Private PKI ServiceNow
Automated discovery of certificates appviewX
Accès API keyfactor
Agent réseau MS Azure Key Vault
MS agent
Sectigo Digicert
Entrust Microsoft CA
Google Cloud AWS Cloud


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