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Sectigo Intel vPro certificate

Find out about Sectigo's new SSL product, especially designed in collaboration with and for Intel.

Intel vPro

The AMT SSL Certificate has specifically been designed for use with PCs based on Intel Active Management Technology, a feature of Intel Core vPro Platforms.

Intel Active Management Technology includes several features allowing authorized IT technicians to remotely access networked Intel vPro Platforms, regardless of the state of the OS or even in a powered-off condition.

Administrators can then remotely view their hardware and software assets to ascertain information such as operating system status, patch management or the upgrade level of each machine.

In the event that something goes wrong, IT administrators can use Intel vPro technology to reduce expensive desk-side visits and even to identify and diagnose potential problems before they cause a failure.

Intel vPro platform security

Intel has embedded Comodo's public root certificate into the firmware of the Intel vPro platform so that connections from servers with an AMT certificate are automatically authenticated. With a Sectigo AMT SSL certificate on their setup and configuration server, IT Departments can easily create a trusted and secure connection to their user's machines.

Important : Works with Leading ISVs such as Altiris, Symantec, LANDESK and Microsoft SCCM.
See as well the compatibility of root certificates with your firmware version.

How does it work?

Sectigo AMT CN field must contain a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). It will then Secure connections to Intel vPro platforms from servers hosted on that FQDN .

Technical features

Sectigo Intel vPro
Price (1 year) £124
Additional machines licenses UNLIMITED
Average delivery time (1) within minutes
Free reissue
Money back guarantee --

(1) - Indicative delivery times that can be impacted by occasional disruptions. Consult the up-to-date situation of each supplier

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