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Sectigo client certificates

Compare the most important technical features of the Sectigo client certificates sold by TBS Internet:

Sectigo Pro Authentication Sectigo Enterprise Authentication
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Price (1 year) £39 £43
eIDAS : Type of signature Advanced Advanced
Vetting points ID and organization validated ID and organization validated
Designed for strong authentification?
Designed for digital signature?
Designed to sign email?
Designed to encipher email?
Signed-PDF recognized by default in Acrobat Reader ? - -
Designed to sign PDF (2)
Number of signature Unlimited Unlimited
Free reissue
Timestamp - -
Delivery support software software
Average delivery time (1) 14 business days 14 business days
Standards X509v3, S/MIME X509v3, S/MIME
PSCe compliant - -
EUTL compliant - -

(1): Indicative delivery times that can be impacted by occasional disruptions. Consult the up-to-date situation of each supplier
(2): software required

Fields included in client certificates

Sectigo Pro Authentication Sectigo Enterprise Authentication
Email address (Email)
First name Last name (CN)
Organization (O) -
Organizational unit (OU) - optional
Address (streetAddress) -
Postal code (postalCode) -
City (L) -
State (ST) -
Country (C) -
Email address (SAN)
Sales department
+44 330 684 0000

Sectigo SSL certificates
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