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Sectigo UCC

The Sectigo UCC (Unified Communication Certificate) can be used in 2 different ways:

  • The Exchanges servers (2007, 2010 and 2013) protection
  • Other kind of servers protection

Sectigo UCC and Microsoft Exchange servers

To secure your Exchange server and keep your datas private, Microsoft advices the Sectigo UC certificate, perfectly compatible with its products:

  • Exchange 2007
  • Office communication server 2007
  • Office collaboration server 2007
  • Exchange 2010

Exchange, communication and collaboration server, is used by professionnals to share timetables, contacts and tasks wich are reachable through mobile clients.

That certificate enables to secure each name used by the server to communicate with clients such as:

  • Autodiscover : Outlook (email client)
  • OWA (Outlook Web Access) : Webmail version of Outlook
  • ActiveSync : Passerelle de synchronisation entre votre PC Windows et votre appareil mobile Windows

The information carried by the certificate of the company will be presented that way (asterisk beeing the internal name of the exchange server):


A SAN per client is then needed.
The Sectigo UCC is available with 3 or 12 SANs and can evolve along with your needs.

Extra technical information
  • The UCC allows to access Exchange from the outside through Autodiscover and Outlooks will be able to RPC over HTTPS.
  • Limitation: If pocket PCs or Smartphones have to ActiveSynch with an Exchange server,check that the equipments use Windows mobile 5 or more recent versions.
  • Limitation: ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration serveur) 2006 can work with certificates by the CN (and the first SAN) has to be the same than the official name defined in ISA.
  • For Autodiscover, don't forget to create an entry, aiming to your server!

Useful links:

Other server protection

The Sectigo UCC can be used with other servers than Exchange 2007, web server for example, they just have to redirect the flow according to the Host field of the HTTP protocole.

The Sectigo UC certificates have only one CN field with the principal CN and SANs fields with the list of the names wanted.

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